At NavZeal we are proud to present you with a huge and out-of-box choice of essential hardware and tools that we import, export, supply, and manufacture. We provide you with products that are affordable and also quality rich. 

Our range of equipment and tools includes unique options such as  Pneumatic & Hydraulic Equipment, Cutting Tools, Hand Tools, Heat Treating Equipment, Auto Equipment, Mining Equipment, Dies, and Molds. You can opt to get a business catalog of your own, with a home page, and/or professional banners by us, making you open to greater traffic. Additionally, you will be able to get these products at reasonable costs. 

We aim at manufacturing all the products that our customers use in their everyday lives. To keep this promise we have forayed into the field of supplying, importing, exporting, and manufacturing all the necessary products.


Electronic Camera Products

We manufacture different types of cameras such as CCTV Camera, CCD Camera, Wireless Video Camera, Digital Camera, Pen Camera, Infrared Camera, Underwater Camera, SLR Camera, Video Camera, Wireless Camera, and more. We also produce a number of Camera Accessories such as Camera Flash, Tripod Stand, Camera Batteries, Camera Lenses, Photo Printers, Digital Imaging Equipment, and more.

Air Purifiers

We provide  Air Sterilizer Purifiers, Gas Phase Filtration Systems, Separator Purifiers, Hotel Air Purifiers, Factory Air Purifiers, Smoke Air Purifiers, Restaurant Air Purifiers, and Hospital Air Purifiers, are fine examples of air purifiers.

Audio and Video System

We specialize in manufacturing different types of audio systems such as Audio Recorders, Amplifiers, iPods, Microphones, Headphones, Earphones, Home Theaters, Home Theater Speakers, Karaoke players, CD Players, and more. 

We are active exporters and suppliers of Radio, Subwoofers, MP3, MP4, & MP5 Players, Sound Systems, Stereos, Speakers, Wireless Microphone System, Perforated Speaker Mesh, and more. 

For the audio-visual industry, we manufacture products such as Audio-Video Cables, Audio Interfaces, Audio amplifiers, Audio Tapes & Cassettes, DVD Recorders, CD Recorder, Dth Systems, DJ Equipment, and Cassettes. 

We also produce Karaoke Equipment, Video Measuring System, DVD Tray, Media Player, Remote Controls, Radio Equipment, under the audio and video category. Plus we have DVD Player, Camcorder, LaserDisc Players, Video Cassettes, Television, and Video Recorder are part of the video equipment we provide.

Hand Dryer

We supply Automatic Hand Dryers, Stainless Steel dryers, Electric Hand Dryers, under this category. 

Electric Fans

We manufacture Ceiling Fans, Axial Fans, Cooling Fans, Floor Fans, Exhaust Fans, Portable Fans, Wall Mounted Fans, Table Fans, and more under this category. 

Mobile Phone and Accessory

In this category, we provide GPS Receivers, GPS Navigation Systems, Cell Phones, Industrial Wireless Radios, Wireless Components, Radars & Assemblies, Personal Communications, and some others.

Electric Heaters

We offer Fan Heaters, Electric Stove Heaters, Sauna Heaters, Room Heaters, which are the notable mentions under this category.

Kitchen Appliances Manufacturer

We produce Charcoal Grills, Blenders, Coffee Makers, Dishwashers, Electric Cookers, Drink Mixers, Electric Kettles, Electronic Warmers, and Electrical Appliances. Our products include Food Processors, Exhaust Range Hoods, Gas cookers, Induction cookers, Ice Cream Machines, Stove, Microwave Ovens, Rice cookers, Juicer-mixers, Mixer Grinders, and more. Other notable mentions are Solar Cookers, Sandwich Makers, Water Chillers, Toasters, among other products.

Clothes Irons

Under this category, you will find Steam Irons, Electric Irons, Laundry Irons, LightWeight Irons, Teflon Coating Irons, and more.

Water Purification

We manufacture different products such as Ozone Water Treatment, Ozone Water Purifiers, Reverse Osmosis Filters, Water Distillers, Reverse Osmosis Systems, and more. Some other examples are Water Ionizers, Water Filters, Water Softeners, and Water Purifiers.

Washing Machine

Some of the mentionable products we manufacture in this category are Washer Extractors, Front Loading Washing Machines, Clothes Dryers, Laundry Washing Machines, Portable Washing Machines, and more.

NavZeal is willing to establish a community where there will be versatility in products as well as the quality will be top notch. We don’t miss a chance to supply you with a wide range of products that are affordable and long-lasting.